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Bry Sarte, Sherwood’s founder and Principal, will be speaking next Thursday, June 11 in Denver at the 17th Congress for the New Urbanism, aka CNU. The panel is entitled “Achieving Sustainability Using Form-Based Codes and the Transect“, and Bry’s co-panelists include Daniel Parolek, Principal at Opticos Design; Leslie Oberholtzer, Director of Planning at Farr Associates and John Hitchcock, Planning and Evaluation Branch Chief at Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

Here is the panel abstract:

Form-Based Codes have proven to be highly effective tool for enabling communities to implement their sustainability goals in many aspects ranging from reducing carbon emission by promoting compact development to promoting green infrastructure, stormwater management, and the integration of agriculture into projects. In addition, the Organizing Principle of the Transect, is being used to create systems and standards for everything from complete streets and sustainable infrastructure to standards that address complex environmental thresholds at a regional scale. This session will discus how these tools how they are being utilized to effectively implement various aspects of sustainability and what lessons are being learned.

If you are planning on attending CNU 17, please come attend the panel, which will be on Thursday at 2pm.

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This was Sherwood’s 3rd annual trip to Greenbuild, and it was exhilarating and exciting to see nearly 30,000 people turn out in Boston to indulge in some “Revolutionary Green.” Despite the freezing cold Boston welcome, the event was bigger, the booths were bigger, and it’s obvious that while Green may still be Revolutionary to some, it’s definitely here to stay. People from all over the country and around the world were in attendence, and companies from every sector are getting in on the action.

And while a few of the old hands may miss the early pioneering days of the Green Building Council, it’s obvious that this movement has moved beyond builders, archiects, and engineers and caught the attention of business, community and political leaders as well.

By day we hosted folks at our booth, which was a great success. Thanks to everybody who came by! It was great to see old friends, and meet new folks as well.

Original Cliff Garten Art at our Booth

Original Clint Imboden Art at our Booth

By night we celebrated, co-sponsoring a party at the beautiful Artists for Humanity gallery to celebrate the opening of our new Cambridge office. Toasting old and new friends with local Harpoon Brewery Ale was definitely a highlight. The World Green Building Council, Nexus Green-Round Table and others also threw notable festivities “full of fun energetic green people,” says Mike Thornton.

There were notable speeches by Desmond Tutu, who basically said, “You guys rock.” In a very funny and inspiring speech he praised the election in US, saying what an amazing country we were and encouraging everybody there to think about green. Not being concerned about the environment is like not being concerned about human rights violations, said Tutu.

Echoing his statements, speakers Van Jones, author of “The Green-Collar Economy” and Majora Carter of Sustainable South Bronx talked about their efforts to ensure that the Green Revolution is all-inclusive, and socially equitable by bringing together “the folks that most need work with the work that most needs to be done.”

The closing plenary by legendary biologist EO Wilson, and “Biomimicry” author Janine Benyus were especially interesting, as these noted scientists pointed out new tools that can aid us in saving and understanding the natural world.

EO Wilson’s “Encyclopedia of Life” is an effort to catalogue the millions of species on earth – many fast disappearing, or too long ignored. Benyus’ Asknature.org is a site that describes biological solutions to technical challenges, allowing us to draw on Nature’s billions of years of research devising materials, transportation, shelter, and power generation.

Despite the economic crisis this year, Greenbuild 2008 once again confirmed that sustainable solutions are the best chance we have of creating a thriving, prosperous world for all of us.

The challenge now will be to wade through all the buzz and hype. To weed out the greenwashers, take a hard look at the easy answers, and avoid unintended consequences. There is still much work to be done to bring Green mainstream, but we’ve got an exciting year ahead of us, and we’ve already reserved our booth for next year’s Greenbuild in Phoenix, AZ.

We’ll see you there for: “Mainstreet Green: Connect to the Conversation.”

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Contributed by John Leys and Mike Amodeo

Sherwood Design Engineers has taken another big step to becoming a truly carbon neutral firm. Sherwood as a company has spent quite a bit of time over the past few years greening up operations at all levels. This has included certification as a San Francisco Green Business, and the 50% reduction of solid waste generated by the SF office. Now, the New York office has gone so far as to offset the carbon emitted due to office electricity use and travel for the past year. After totaling up the miles traveled by office members by plane, train, and automobile, and assuming a standard rate of electricity use per square foot of office space (we don’t pay an individual energy bill in NY, typical of large buildings), we were able to estimate our carbon dioxide emissions with the aid of Renewable Choice Energy. We then purchased equivalent carbon offsets and wind power renewable energy certificates.

In total our New York office offset 23.2 metric tons of CO2 using ERT Certified Choice Carbon and 14,040 kWh of electricity using Green-e Certified American WindTM. This is equivalent to NOT driving 76,735 miles or planting 289 trees.

For 2008, we plan to move beyond tracking just electricity and travel. While we will continue to track our miles and estimated carbon emissions, we also plan to account for other environmental impacts such as paper use and waste generation. In addition, as a firm we will work harder to make design choices that require less energy during the short term in the form of materials and construction practices as well as during the long term in longevity and operations.

Photo of windmills take by Dan Chusid

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Week of Nov 5 – 11


Sherwood Heads to Greenbuild
We’re looking forward to seeing everybody in Chicago at the Greenbuild Expo this week. This is our second year hosting a booth at Greenbuild, and we’re really excited to be there. It’s been a great year for Sherwood. We’re continuing to work on amazing projects, and we just opened a Boston office this fall. To learn more about what we’re doing, or to just say hi, come by our booth in the exhibit hall.

Participate in our 2007 Greenbuild Carbon Offset Program
Sherwood Design Engineers is purchasing carbon offsets on behalf of everybody who comes to our booth at the 2007 Greenbuild Expo in Chicago. So drop by, give us your name, and we will make an offset contribution on your behalf. Click back here after the Conference to see the results of our 2007 Greenbuild Carbon Offset Program with Native Energy.

Join Sherwood Design Engineers for a Greenbuild Celebration
Wednesday, Nov 7
. 7pm – midnight. The Butterfly Social Club.
726 W Grand Avenue Chicago, IL 60610. Just east of Milwaukee
In conjunction with:
Farr Associates BuildingGreen.com
Harley Ellis Devereaux GreenSource Magazine

Don’t miss Sherwood’s Presentation:
Rethinking the Urban Watershed: Using Stormwater as a Nexus for Change
Friday, Nov 9.
9 – 10:30 am. Infrastructure and Systems track.
Bry Sarte, founder and Principal Engineer for Sherwood Design Engineers, in conjunction with Rosey Jencks from San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Convened by Kris Opbroek of SF Planning and Urban Research (SPUR).

For those of you who won’t be in Chicago:

San Francisco Green Drinks is on Wed, Nov 7. 5:30 – 7:30 at Varnish
77 Natoma St, Nr Howard

SF Sustainable Business Happy Hour is on Thu, Nov 8. 5:30 – 6:30 at Elixir Bar
16th St. @ Guerrero.

And for the TV minded: It’s Green Week on NBC.

Under the theme “Green is Universal,” the entire range of programming is going green. Everything from football to sit-coms to news will have a green theme. The President of Bravo Media says “For the first time ever, the massive resources of the entire NBC Universal family will stand together behind a single pro-social cause. This far-reaching initiative represents the first step in our commitment to help raise environmental awareness and effect change both internally and externally.”

Have a great week!

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Ethopia Rain Harvesting

In honor of today being World Water Day, we bring you this timely news item from Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

“Two Dutch organisations and their African partners have won a prestigious award for a rainwater-harvesting project to be carried out in Ethiopia. The project will be officially launched on World Water Day, at a ceremony in Addis Ababa.”

“In the grey gloom of a wintry morning in the Netherlands, where falling rain only adds to the dampness afforded by full canals, it seems almost incongruous to discuss the vital contribution that the rain can make to scant water supplies in hotter, drier climes. But the plans and actions of two Amsterdam-based organisations and their African partners have been recognised and rewarded with a prestigious international prize, to be awarded on Thursday, 22 March.”

Dr Kirsten Neke

Dr Kirsten Neke is Programme Manager with the RAIN Foundation (Rainwater harvesting Implementation Network), a small NGO which specialises in facilitating local expertise and involvement in collecting rainfall in developing countries.

Speaking in the Radio Netherlands’ Water Week edition of the Research File, she explained that RAIN has, to date, established projects in Nepal, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and Mali, mainly using a system of guttering to channel roof-top run-off into ten cubic metre storage tanks.

“It is something that’s affordable, and it’s a very easily understood technology which can be incorporated into people’s lives very easily, without it feeling like a strange thing”.

Bry Sarte and Ken Kortkamp from Sherwood Design Engineers as well as Alex Lantsberg of SF Sustainable Watersheds Alliance (SWAle) were interviewed about the project for this week’s edition of Radio Netherlands Worldwide. You can
listen to the episode here.

RAIN foundation

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