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Bry Sarte, Sherwood’s founder and Principal, will be speaking next Thursday, June 11 in Denver at the 17th Congress for the New Urbanism, aka CNU. The panel is entitled “Achieving Sustainability Using Form-Based Codes and the Transect“, and Bry’s co-panelists include Daniel Parolek, Principal at Opticos Design; Leslie Oberholtzer, Director of Planning at Farr Associates and John Hitchcock, Planning and Evaluation Branch Chief at Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

Here is the panel abstract:

Form-Based Codes have proven to be highly effective tool for enabling communities to implement their sustainability goals in many aspects ranging from reducing carbon emission by promoting compact development to promoting green infrastructure, stormwater management, and the integration of agriculture into projects. In addition, the Organizing Principle of the Transect, is being used to create systems and standards for everything from complete streets and sustainable infrastructure to standards that address complex environmental thresholds at a regional scale. This session will discus how these tools how they are being utilized to effectively implement various aspects of sustainability and what lessons are being learned.

If you are planning on attending CNU 17, please come attend the panel, which will be on Thursday at 2pm.


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cnuIn its 15th year, the Congress for New Urbanism is holding its annual conference in the Old City of Philadelphia. CNU was started several years back to push forth the ideas of traditional neighborhood design by iconic founding members like Andres Duany, Peter Calthorpe, et al. Its flagship project Seaside in Florida, is still a model for growth nearly 20 years later.

CNU’s goal is “promoting walkable, neighborhood-based development as an alternative to sprawl,” taking “a proactive, multi-disciplinary approach to restoring our communities.

During the opening day, members from around the nation held an evening panel to discuss the future of CNU. As one of the invitees to this small event, Sherwood was able to get an inside look at where CNU will be headed. Discussion focused on staying true to the principles of the Congress as USGBC’s neighborhood-based standards LEED ND roles onto the scene.

As a way to better promote CNU, over two years Doug Farr put forth the challenge to partner CNU and USGBC together to standardize the core principles of CNU. As the pilot program for LEED ND continues forth, so will the crafting of standards for the principles of CNU. As the ideas as CNU become more public, our communities will certainly improve.

So what is the future of CNU? As an observer to the discussions, I did hear a recurring theme: we must educate the DOTs of the nation and get the engineers on board.

Sherwood was a welcome newcomer!

Stay tuned for updates from the New Urbanist movement….

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