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Listen to designer Tom Dixon talk about why he gave away 500 chairs in Trafalgar Square, what designers can learn from Google’s business model, and the amazing properties of Bamboo and old furniture.

Look forward to more news briefs, video clips, and other cool stuff from our friends at ScribeMedia.org: Intelligent Debate. Passionate Media.

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Week of Nov 26 – Dec 3

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Presidio Dialogues – The A Ha!!” Moment: Innovation, Creativity and the Conditions that Nurture Them
Tuesday, Nov 27. 7pm.
What are the characteristics of a business culture that encourage new ideas to find expression? What can each of us do, in our daily routine, to invoke our own insights? Please join us for an evening of Dialogue as we explore the sources of the creative process. Info here.

Green Dreamers in the Real World: The Work of Rumsey Engineers
Nov 28. 6:30 – 8:00pm. Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard Street at 4th
Oakland-based Rumsey Engineers is recognized as a leader in sustainable, resource-efficient design, and the firm is currently working on several zero-energy buildings. The firm is focused on designing buildings that are highly energy and water-efficient as well as safe, comfortable, practical, and affordable. Firm founder Peter Rumsey will present a range of different successful projects and discuss how he works with designers and owners to optimize efficiency and building value through an integrated design process.

City Arts and Lectures – Eric Schlosser: Author of Fast Food Nation
Nov 29. 8 pm. Herbst Theatre, 401 Van Ness Avenue (at McAllister)
For $19, come and hear author Eric Schlosser talk about his work, which includes “Fast Food Nation”, and a children’s book version called “Chew On This.” He is currently working on a book about the American prison system.

Volunteer Soiree – Urban Alliance for Sustainability
Nov 30. 8 – 10pm. Sophia Healing Arts Center: 776 Haight Street
Want to volunteer in the community? Come socialize and connect with the Urban Alliance for Sustainability (UAS) at their monthly volunteer soiree! Information on the Events, Communication/ Newsletter team, and more. Music will be provided with grooves by DJ Dragonfly. These events are fun!

Biodiesel Presentation
Dec 3, 7:30pm. Ecology Center. 2530 San Pablo Ave, near Dwight Way, Berkeley.
Come hear a presentation by the Berkeley Biodiesel Collective to learn more about pimping your ride with biodiesel.

Have a great week!

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Thibodaux, who blogs at Higher Pie.

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Week of Oct 15 – 21

Photo showing the exteriors of four solar houses lining a gravel path. The Solar Decathlon banner arches over the pathway in the foreground, and the Washington Monument is visible in the distance.

The Solar Decathlon is up in Washington D.C.’s Capitol Mall, so stop by on your way to the White House, or visit the website for photos, news and results. The winners of the Architecture contest will be announced today!

Today, October 15th, is Blog Action Day with over 5,000 blogs posting on environmental issues. Visit your favorite blogs today, to be part of the action.

This week it’s also time for Ear to the Earth 2007 in New York: a Festival of Sound, Music, and Ecology. Including a talk by visionary National Geographic explorer Mark “Dr Bugs” Moffett: “Exploding Ants & Other Stories”
Wednesday, Oct 17. 8:30pm at Judson Church.

Book signing and Discussion at The Commonwealth Club
Monday Oct, 15. 5:00 – 7:00pm. Commonwealth Club, San Francisco.
Jason F. McLennan, Founding President and CEO, Ecotone Publishing will discuss “The Future of Architecture: Living Buildings and Living Communities.”

CONNECTING’07 World Design Congress runs Oct 17 – 20 in San Francisco, featuring prominent designers from around the world, and sessions on everything from the new Tesla to Anthropology, Biomimicry and Space Tourism.

Green Drinks – Brooklyn
Wednesday, Oct 17.
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
The owners of Gstaad have built a new Williamsburg joint called Oulos incorporating numerous “green technologies” and materials, the highlight of which is the very first exterior “Vertical garden” facade in New York City. In addition, they are currently running on 100% windpower thanks to a special ConEd program found through green-links.org.

Urban Alliance for Sustainability: Green Movie Night
Thursday, Oct 18. 6:00 pm. Little Roxie Theater: 3125 16th Street, SF, CA 94103
Food Justice and Forest Gardening. Speakers: Michael Scribner, Haight Ashbury Food Program; Temra Costa, Community Alliance with Family Farmers.

Hike in SF: Peak 2 Peak Walk.
Saturday, Oct 20. 9am.
Want a challenge? Sign-up for this year’s Peak to Peak Walk, a 12-mile trek up and down SF’s highest peaks. Walkers get a unique view of SF’s skyline, stairways, paths, parks, and monuments – all while raising money for Walk SF’s vital pedestrian safety and advocacy work. Pre-registration required by 10/17. To register online, go here.

Heads Up Next Week:
Conference: Designing a Sustainable Future
October 23-26, 2007 | San Francisco, CA

Have a great week!

Image courtesy of the Solar Decathlon

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Week of Sept 15 – 21

Offshore windpark in Denmark. Denmark is one of the leading countries  in developing wind power.

  • “Brooklyn Based” puts out a Green Guide to Brooklyn.
  • This is old news but I just stumbled upon a link to it – the new Staten Island Ferry terminal in NYC has building-integrated photovoltaics on its room, which will generate 52,000 kWh of power annually!
  • New York City’s MTA forms a Green Team committee to create a “sustainability master plan” by Earth Day of next year.
  • Electricity Blowing in the Wind: Offshore wind power projects in Long Island and Delaware are moving ahead. In this case, bigger is better: by increasing size, they can reduce costs. (via Treehugger)
  • Most popular this week! EcoFabulous has a CO2 saver you can install on your computer to track how much CO2 you’ll save by using good power management on your computer.
  • Legislation to ease parking crunch – for bicycles! DC will probably enact legislation next week that requires residential and commercial buildings over a certain size to provide bike parking – will your city be next? (via Streetsblog)
  • The Carbon Footprint Consumer Products Summit was held this past week in Chicago, where business traded successes and frustrations about reducing their carbon footprint. (via I’m Seeing Green)
  • Urban Watersheds Perspectives has a great discussion of why a border control fence by the Rio Grande is not ideal from an economic or environmental perspective.
  • Former New York City Deputy Traffic Commissioner “Gridlock” Sam Schwartz says congestion pricing should “proceed now” and discusses things NYC can do to reduce traffic. Might these apply to cities all over the country?
  • Google.org announces $10 million in grant money available for investment in plug-in hybrid and electric car research – think you have an idea?

photo courtesy of Greenpeace

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