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Sherwood Design Engineers/Liquid SPACES will be hosting an artists’ reception on Thursday, August 27th from 5:30-8pm. We will be highlighting our current show which features the work of local artists Katja Leibenath and Heidi McDowell. The show, titled “Nothing Out of the Ordinary” features works in oil by the two painters. There will refreshments and snacks served throughout the reception, so please stop by and enjoy the work of these two talented artists.

Please RSVP to colin@liquidspaces.org.

For more info:
RSVP on Facebook


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Check out these awesome street ‘redesigns’ from the GOOD Livable Street Contest. There’s lots of ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of how people would redesign their streets to make them more walkable, breathable, and permeable. While some of them would likely face technical challenges, they represent a good slice of the ideas out there for making better streets.

The contest is closed now, but due to the overwhelming volume of responses, they’ve given the judge an extra week to pick a winner. Check back May 18th for an announcement……


Treehugger brings word of the new Z-Competition: Re-skin old buildings to make them zerofootprint. Or at least, come up with scalable designs for retrofitting older, energy-inefficient buildings to reduce their consumption and improve functionality.

The competition will be judged on the aesthetics, energy efficiency, smart technology, return on investment and potential as a solution for a large number of buildings.

Like the X-Prize, this isn’t just a design competition. Five finalists will be chosen, their designs implemented and monitored over three years. The Z-Prize ca$h will be given to the building that has most reduced the energy per square foot.

Retrofitting existing buildings is one of our most pressing global challenges. It’s the most bang for the buck, the most quickly implemented, and with billions and billions of square feet of building stock out there, could represent a serious dent in carbon emissions.

The competition welcomes teams from all over the world.The deadline for the submission of designs is September 1, 2009.

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Chinese artist/sculptor Zhan Wang does a futurist interpretations of San Francisco using stainless steel kitchen utensils as part of his “Urban Landscape.” Image courtesy of Pinballism.

Sustainability Happy Hour – East Bay
Wednesday, Dec 17. 5:30 – 7:30 pm
EAST BAY GREEN DRINKS is a lively monthly gathering for anyone interested in sustainability, including green business, environmental and social causes, architecture and design, organics, renewable energy and more. Check the website for this month’s location in Berkeley or Oakland.

Is Gavin Newsom running for Governor? For $100 you can find out!
Thursday Dec 18. 6-8 pm
Gavin’s holding a fundraiser at the Matrix Fillmore. Various supervisors and other politicoes will be supporting Newsom for “California Exploratory Committee.”

Lost Landscapes of San Francisco Long Now Foundation
Friday, Dec 19. Doors open 7:00pm, talk at 7:30pm lasting ~1.5 hours
Located at Cowell Theatre in Fort Mason Center

Rick Prelinger is a guerrilla archivist who collects the uncollected and makes it accessible. Prelinger will be presenting his third annual “Lost Landscapes of San Francisco” event, an eclectic montage of lost and rarely-seen film clips showing life, landscapes and labor in a vanished San Francisco as captured by amateurs, newsreel cameramen and industrial filmmakers.

How we remember and record the past reveals much about how we address the future. Prelinger will preface the film with a brief talk on how fragmentary, incomplete histories are being overtaken by pervasive real-time documentation, and how history, memory and property are combining into a new matrix of experience.

We encourage the audience to interact with the film, especially to identify mystery scenes! After the event will be a reception and HOLIDAY PARTY at The Long Now Museum and Store. The Prelingers, Long Now’s staff and board will be on hand, and we plan to continue to project footage from the Prelinger Archive on every surface we can. There will be some light snacks and wine served.

Have a Great Week!

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This was Sherwood’s 3rd annual trip to Greenbuild, and it was exhilarating and exciting to see nearly 30,000 people turn out in Boston to indulge in some “Revolutionary Green.” Despite the freezing cold Boston welcome, the event was bigger, the booths were bigger, and it’s obvious that while Green may still be Revolutionary to some, it’s definitely here to stay. People from all over the country and around the world were in attendence, and companies from every sector are getting in on the action.

And while a few of the old hands may miss the early pioneering days of the Green Building Council, it’s obvious that this movement has moved beyond builders, archiects, and engineers and caught the attention of business, community and political leaders as well.

By day we hosted folks at our booth, which was a great success. Thanks to everybody who came by! It was great to see old friends, and meet new folks as well.

Original Cliff Garten Art at our Booth

Original Clint Imboden Art at our Booth

By night we celebrated, co-sponsoring a party at the beautiful Artists for Humanity gallery to celebrate the opening of our new Cambridge office. Toasting old and new friends with local Harpoon Brewery Ale was definitely a highlight. The World Green Building Council, Nexus Green-Round Table and others also threw notable festivities “full of fun energetic green people,” says Mike Thornton.

There were notable speeches by Desmond Tutu, who basically said, “You guys rock.” In a very funny and inspiring speech he praised the election in US, saying what an amazing country we were and encouraging everybody there to think about green. Not being concerned about the environment is like not being concerned about human rights violations, said Tutu.

Echoing his statements, speakers Van Jones, author of “The Green-Collar Economy” and Majora Carter of Sustainable South Bronx talked about their efforts to ensure that the Green Revolution is all-inclusive, and socially equitable by bringing together “the folks that most need work with the work that most needs to be done.”

The closing plenary by legendary biologist EO Wilson, and “Biomimicry” author Janine Benyus were especially interesting, as these noted scientists pointed out new tools that can aid us in saving and understanding the natural world.

EO Wilson’s “Encyclopedia of Life” is an effort to catalogue the millions of species on earth – many fast disappearing, or too long ignored. Benyus’ Asknature.org is a site that describes biological solutions to technical challenges, allowing us to draw on Nature’s billions of years of research devising materials, transportation, shelter, and power generation.

Despite the economic crisis this year, Greenbuild 2008 once again confirmed that sustainable solutions are the best chance we have of creating a thriving, prosperous world for all of us.

The challenge now will be to wade through all the buzz and hype. To weed out the greenwashers, take a hard look at the easy answers, and avoid unintended consequences. There is still much work to be done to bring Green mainstream, but we’ve got an exciting year ahead of us, and we’ve already reserved our booth for next year’s Greenbuild in Phoenix, AZ.

We’ll see you there for: “Mainstreet Green: Connect to the Conversation.”

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  • Front lawns need a lot of water and light to look pretty, but what about a moss lawn? It doesn’t need nearly as much water and grows well in shade so no need to cut down a lot of trees.
  • New York State will start purchasing green office products, namely 100% recycled paper for both office use and for publications.
  • In an odd turn of events, endangered seals in the Seattle area are eating endangered salmon, which may be even more endangered than the seals. Who do you protect?
  • Keeping a portion of ones farmland fallow each year is important to restoring nutrients to the soil and help protect wildlife habitats. With economic pressures, though, farmers are keeping less and less land fallow. What effect is this having?
  • Really want to do your part to save the planet? Stop eating red meat and dairy.  A new study shows that cutting red meat and dairy out of your diet has a much larger effect on the environment than eating local produce.
  • Do you have something to say about Art and the Environment? Orlo has a call for proposals, submissions and recommendations for their Fall 2008 Contemporary Art Issue for visual artists, curators, gallery directors and writers.
  • San Francisco diverts the highest percentage of waste away from landfills, 70%, of any city in the country, but Mayor Newsom thinks they can do even more. And he’s looking to reach 75% by requiring all residents to compost, instead of doing it voluntarily.  Apparently Newsom has some other ideas in mind for the city as well, including stations where you can exchange your dead battery for your electric car with a charged one, negating the need to wait around to charge it, and changing from a payroll tax to a carbon tax.
  • Quebec is planning on building 2,004 MW worth of wind farms by 2015, which can be used in tandem with they’re already large hydropower program to generate hydropower more optimally. And if there’s energy left over, export power to the Northeast US.
  • LEED’s standards are a good first step, but there is a lot of criticism for the standards, such as why the same standards apply to Las Vegas as New York City, or that the points aren’t necesarily awarded based on difficulty to implement or green impact.
  • New York City and the EPA are building up to have the third New York City Green Building Competition.  This year’s theme is Integration.  The due date is May 30th for submissions, so get integrated! (via New York EcoSpaces)

Image from Washington State Department of Ecology

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This week we welcome…..APRIL!

Which of course means Earth Day, and over the years has grown into something more like an entire Earth Month. So even though I’m snowed in trying to come home from an amazing week at the Aspen Environment Forum, I’m looking forward to bright sunny days and a whole host of Green Events.

We start with a class on Organic Architecture taught by Eric Corey-Freed at Berkeley Extension. Wednesday evenings until May.

And then, like every First Wednesday, it’s time for San Francisco Green Drinks at Varnish.

Think Outside the Debris Box
Thursday, April 3. 5:30 – 7:00pm
Bay Area LEED Users Group (BayLUG) shows us how to Optimize Jobsite Waste Diversion and get extra LEED points.

Thursday, April 3rd. 4 – 6pm
Sustainable Novato assembles top green building experts from industry and government discussing latest trends, technologies and opportunities in commercial-sector green building.

Book Signing: “The Bridge at the End of the World”
, April 3rd. 6:30 – 8:00 pm. Commonwealth ClubAuthor James Gustave Speth, Co-Founder of the NRDC reads from his new book, “The Bridge at the End of the World.” Speth believes that environmentalists like himself are simply unable and ill-equipped to keep up with the current degradation of our planet, and argues that our obsession with consumption and GDP growth has created unprecedented risks not only to our environment but also our quality of life and world security.

Emerging Green Builders HAPPY HOUR!
Thursday, April 3rd. 6:00pm Dada SF Studio, 86 2nd Street, San Francisco
EGB will be hosting a networking session in which we can learn more about each other. This is designed as a place to support one another, and share inspiration in our dedication to working towards a greener built environment.

Also, the program for the 2008 Natural Talent Design Competition will be announced!

Soap Box Lecture: From Stonehenge to Shadow Puppets to Electric Works
Saturday, April 5. 10:00pm. Bernal Bubbles
Lecture by Richard Lang, a visual artist, writer and principal of Electric Works, a fine art printmaking studio and gallery in San Francisco.

Heads Up Next Week:

The Green California Summit
April 7th – 9th. Sacramento.
Over 250 exhibits, including a model green building and a green auto mall, and dozens of classes and seminars on a range of essential subjects.

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Photo of “Spiral Jetty” taken by easea on Flickr

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